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Sequotech interviews

Oguzhan Darici, System Engineer
Meet Oguzhan Darici, a system engineer at Exxo, who shares his unique perspectives on technology, innovation, and teamwork.
Elisa Vadala, Network Consultant
Elisa shares her experiences in the IT world, her passion for football, and her admiration for inspiring personalities.
David Diab, Senior Consultant
From professional authenticity to the impact of a mentor, David shares experiences and reflections, blending wisdom with personal perspectives.
Nadine Marsden, Office Manager
"Every person is unique. Stay true to yourself and your values and do your best! There will be a lot of information to absorb at the beginning. Taking notes will help you find your way and not forget important details."
Gregory Steulet & Cédric Rossé
Talent management strategies: discover how Sequotech tackle recruitment challenges, promote skills development, foster diversity and inclusion, and manage organizational change effectively. Don't miss this insightful article!
Stefan Dettwiler, Managing director
Stefan Dettwiler, co-founder of Exxo, shares the journey of his company. Starting from its roots in providing IT support to regional SMEs, Exxo has grown with ambitious plans to become a leading managed and cloud services provider in the Zurich region.
Marc Keller, Account Manager
"New hires: Build relationships by approaching colleagues, asking questions, and embracing support for personal and professional growth."
Tatiana Bron, Microsoft Consultant
"Be conscientious and work with precision from the start, without sparing your efforts to reach dbi services' standards."
Chay Te, Consultant DevOps
"No matter your position, don't worry about your integration. Everything will be done to welcome you in the best possible conditions"
Stéphanie De Bernardi, Project Leader
"UDITIS fosters an environment of kindness, support, and gratitude that is uncommon in many workplaces today."
Guillaume Peidro, Customized Network Designs
"I would emphasize the importance of being authentic and confident in your abilities."
Jérôme Dubar, Oracle Database Consultant
"Be humble and appreciate sharing."
Leslie Danzinelli, Inside Sales Support
"UDITIS has the advantage of being a company where the human being has a capital place. Be yourself and do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone."
Justine Roth Senior Admin and HR
"Come as you are without playing a role. Regardless of the job or function, it is essential to be yourself to be fulfilled."






Create a community of passionate experts and become the IT skills aggregator to lead our customers to success.


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Sequotech values




We seek to establish a relationship of trust and transparency by promoting the sharing of information, skills and networks. By fostering an environment of mutual learning and knowledge-sharing, we believe that our team will continue to grow and thrive.


360° responsibility

We are aware of our impact on the environment and society, and we take full responsibility for our actions. We are committed to every project that we are entrusted with and take full responsibility for our actions.



Our group is dedicated to the fulfillment of our team members, and we believe this is crucial to our overall development. We are dedicated to creating an environment that values personal and professional growth, as we believe this is key to unlocking our team members' full potential.



Our goal is to provide member companies with the tools and resources they need to thrive, by offering a platform that promotes their success and ensures their sustainability. The success of our teams is at the heart of our strategy, as it is inseparable from the success of the group.




Our approach is to combine

talent and expertise with agility,
to digitize your processes

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