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Behind the Scenes: The Creative Mind Behind Customized Network Designs  with Guillaume Peidro



Today, we are thrilled to sit down with Guillaume, a consummate professional whose passion for networking is matched only by his commitment to his clients and colleagues. With years of experience designing and managing networks of all sizes and complexities, Guillaume has developed a unique perspective on the role of IT in today's business landscape. In this interview, we'll get his take on the challenges and opportunities facing network specialists today, hear about his most memorable experiences on the job, and learn how he balances his work with his personal interests and passions.


Can you generally explain your role, your missions and choose 3 words that describe them?

As a network specialist, my role is to design, install, maintain, and manage a company's computer network with reliability, security, and efficiency in mind. I ensure that the company's network infrastructure is robust and dependable, much like the pipes that provide water to a building. If I had to pick three adjectives to describe my work, they would be:

  • Security: The protection of a company's sensitive information is of utmost importance. It's crucial to safeguard the network against cyber threats, as a single breach can compromise the stability of the company. Additionally, internal information must be secured by organizing it according to departments and users.

  • Precision: My job demands great accuracy. Think of it like constructing the right roads to transport trucks. This involves directing the correct VLANs (virtual local area networks) to each user, to group users, servers, and devices based on their department, project, or specific function.

  • Performance: Performance is a crucial aspect for me, as I am an impatient person. I get frustrated with speed or latency issues and strive to provide efficient solutions by designing the network as if it were in my own home.

What do you prefer in your work?

What I prefer most in my work is designing computer networks that can adapt to changes and fluctuations in demand. I find great satisfaction in customizing network designs for each client's unique needs, ensuring optimal performance.

This requires a deep understanding of a client's size, budget, and actual requirements, as well as attention to the visual appearance of the network, such as neat and organized cable arrangements. Additionally, I enjoy working on projects with large companies, as they typically offer more resources and equipment, enabling us to tackle larger and more complex projects.

If you had to give advice to new hires, what would it be?

If I were to offer advice to new recruits at UDITIS, I would emphasize the importance of being authentic and confident in your abilities. Additionally, being honest and accountable for your actions, including taking responsibility for mistakes, and not being afraid to ask for help from your team, are critical to success. By embodying these principles with a selfless attitude and a strong team-oriented spirit, you will align with the company's values and culture.


"I would emphasize the importance of being authentic and confident in your abilities. Additionally, being honest and accountable for your actions, including taking responsibility for mistakes, and not being afraid to ask for help from your team, are critical to success."


What impressed you most during your time at UDITIS?

Having previously worked in American companies with vastly different corporate cultures from UDITIS, I was struck by the level of trust and autonomy given to employees here.

I was truly impressed by the company's approach, which prioritizes mutual benefit for both employees and the company, starting from the contract negotiation process. I was told that I had a 2145 hour contract and was free to organize my work as I saw fit, which was a major departure from my prior experiences.

This level of trust and freedom was not only a breath of fresh air, but it also motivated me to work harder and repay that trust through my performance.






If you could put yourself in a colleague's shoes for a day, who would it be?

If I could experience a day in the life of a colleague, I would choose Michel Perrin. I am fascinated by his ability to foster a sense of unity and promote agility and trust through IT. I am especially impressed by his exceptional communication skills and his ability to bring people together.

If you had an Aladdin lamp, what wishes would you make?

My ultimate wish is to continue to find happiness and spread joy to those around me. While it may seem like a straightforward desire, it can be quite complex in practice.

I believe that happiness is achieved through continuous learning and self-improvement, and it would be amazing if there were an equivalent of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) for humans, to help us grow and pursue our passions.

Additionally, I hope that people take the time to get to know themselves, as this self-awareness can lead to a deeper understanding of what truly brings fulfillment and wisdom.


Could you tell us few words about your passions?

I am deeply passionate about people and the positive impact I can make in their lives through my work. My goal is to use my skills to make a difference in the lives of others and to do so with humility. Initially, I was very passionate about basketball and competed at a high level, but over time, my focus has shifted from competition to a desire for collaboration and teamwork. The thrill of competition has given way to the joy of working together towards a common goal.

What is your favorite Film or series?

It's difficult to choose just one favorite, as I am a big movie fan (laugh). I love the powerful emotions that can be evoked through music and movies. If I had to pick a favorite Film, I would say "The Shawshank Redemption". It is incredibly inspiring, with a protagonist characterized by patience, wisdom, and a relentless pursuit of freedom. As for TV shows, I recently enjoyed "The Handmaid's Tale". I highly recommend it for its strong emotional impact, stunning production quality, exceptional performances, and well-written script. It is truly a landmark work.




If you had to choose a mentor, who would it be?

If I had to choose a mentor, I would select someone who has qualities and traits that differ from my own, in order to enhance my personal growth.

Two individuals who greatly inspire me in this regard are Mike Horn and Charles Gave. Both individuals possess a calm demeanor and a genuine human touch, and they possess a wealth of wisdom that I find truly inspiring.


What do you think about Sequotech?

Typically, projects of this nature can induce fear when the primary focus is on financial returns rather than the human aspect. However, this is not the case at Sequotech. I am deeply impressed by the efforts made by the management team to strike a balance between the two. It creates a positive work environment, and we have seen the company grow significantly, largely due to the addition of new team members.