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Our Buy & Build approach is at the heart of our development strategy. We foster growth and innovation for middle-sized IT companies seeking to join a thriving group. Together, we shape the future of technology. At Sequotech, we are guided by five fundamental principles that shape our development and ensure the success of our partners:


Grow, and stay human

We believe in sustainable growth without compromising our essence. By partnering with promising companies, we preserve our agile organizational structure and culture of innovation.


Aim high, stay close

Our vision is global, and our commitment is local. By actively seeking partnerships and acquisitions both locally and internationally, we are building a technological future that meets the needs of the Swiss ICT sector.


Not too small, not too big - The right positioning

We offer unique services and target specific market segments that set us apart from the big players. At Sequotech, we believe in the importance of agility and customization to cater to the unique needs of our clients.


Prioritize corporate culture

Corporate culture is at the heart of our strategy. We invest in the continuous professional development of our employees, we recruit talents aligned with our values, and we create a positive and inclusive work environment.


Support independence while offering guidance

We value the autonomy of our group companies and offer them the necessary support to succeed. This translates into a governance structure that encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing while preserving independence.


Who we are looking for as a group member



  • Ambitious IT companies from the DACH region looking
    for a suitable partner for the next growth phase,
    e.g., active in the following business areas:
    • Specialized IT services
    • Cloud solutions
    • Cyber security
    • Digital workplace (communication, collaboration, connect)
    • Software development

  • Strong management teams and highly skilled
    employees with drive and commitment

  • Business owners, who want to maintain their
    entrepreneurial freedom while benefitting
    from a larger set-up and group synergies

  • Technologically, as a group we follow a
    multi-partner approach: Customer benefit is key 

Sequotech: Your partner in IT excellence 

Whether you are a successful IT company or a potential investor, Sequotech is your preferred partner.


For successful IT companies
Join Sequotech and benefit from:

  • A strong partner that helps you grow
  • A network of experts
  • Extension of your service offering
  • Expansion of your addressable geographic market
  • Access to shared resources and valuable know-how
  • Attractive (re-)investment opportunity for entrepreneurs and key employees
  • Succession solution

For IT professionals looking for a new challenge
Join Sequotech for:

  • Career opportunities in a fast-growing and successful IT group
  • A challenging work environment
  • A great team culture
  • A network of experts across different business areas
  • Ongoing training and development
  • The chance to make an impact
  • The chance to make a significant impact


 Building a partner ecosystem together
Our goal is to create a group of companies that collaborate to:

Create value

Share knowledge

Promote innovation


Join us on our journey and let's work together to shape the ICT future


Join Sequotech


Sequotech Buy & Build


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