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avency's vision with Hendrik Walter 

"The future of cybersecurity will involve securing artificial intelligence",
declares Hendrik Walter, CEO of avency, emphasizing his company's commitment to being at the forefront of technological innovation.

Located in Ostbevern and Bayreuth in Germany—a region known for its rich cultural heritage and technological prowess— the company has the distinction of being the first company outside Switzerland to join Sequotech group. As a recent and active member, avency stands out not only for its rapid adaptation to market changes but also for its excellence in developing robust cybersecurity solutions. This position of strength is rooted in a philosophy that aims to transform challenges into opportunities, creating effective synergies within its business ecosystem. Under Hendrik's leadership, avency has solidified its role as a major player in digital security, proactively meeting the protection requirements of an ever-evolving digital ecosystem. 


An inspiring journey  

Since taking the reins at avency, Hendrik Walter has played a crucial role in transforming and revitalizing the company during significant challenges. His career began in the technical field as a developer, an experience that provided him with a solid understanding of the essential technical aspects necessary to guide the company. "Taking the leadership was a major challenge, especially at a time when the company was experiencing significant turbulence. We were forced to rethink our business model and redefine our priorities," shares the CEO. 

The founder, Roland Albers, saw in Hendrik not just a capable successor but a visionary partner, initially proposing they co-lead. "Roland Albers impressed upon me the imperative to pivot and adapt the company to the new market realities.” This critical period demanded strong leadership and bold strategic decisions, including a shift toward growth areas like cybersecurity. 

Under Hendrik's leadership, the company has not only stabilized its operations but also expanded its influence, particularly through strategic collaborations with German universities. "Our partnership with the University of Münster and other higher education institutions has been fundamental. It not only bolstered our knowledge base but also expanded our reach in the public sector," states the CEO. These initiatives have positioned avency as a key player in providing cybersecurity solutions, with projects that include the deployment of advanced firewall solutions initially tested and approved in the academic setting before being rolled out nationally. 

The adoption of these technologies by more than fifty universities across the country underscores the relevance of avency’s approach and the central role that cybersecurity now plays in its business strategy. "This expansion has not only strengthened our market presence but also contributed to cybersecurity now representing 90% of our turnover," 



Culture and values 

The German cybersecurity company is resolutely committed to promoting a corporate culture focused on the well-being of employees and environmental integrity. Hendrik Walter emphasizes this commitment: "We ensure that our growth is sustainable and beneficial for all our relational ecosystems." The company also values the sustainability of human relationships within its team. "We have collaborators who celebrate more than twenty years of tenure, which testifies to our commitment to the satisfaction and retention of our colleagues," adds the CEO. This longevity will be celebrated within the company during a grand party organized to mark twenty years of the company. 

The alignment with environmental values is also evident through concrete actions such as the installation of photovoltaic panels on office buildings, allowing employees to recharge their electric vehicles for free. Moreover, the tree planting initiative not only in their own region but also on the company’s site, while inviting clients to participate, demonstrates a proactive approach to environmental responsibility. avency's "Green Data Center" is another example of this philosophy, where the company strives to minimize its energy consumption, affirming its commitment to eco-responsible operations. 

Externally, the company advocates for trust and simplicity in its relationships with clients. Hendrik Walter, highlighting the importance of honesty, states: "We prioritize their needs and seek to establish long-term partnerships. Our policy is simple: 'Wir machen Schweres Leicht,' meaning 'We make the difficult easy." This is illustrated by the logo featuring an elephant with wings, symbolizing the commitment to simplifying technology for its clients. "We dedicate ourselves to making our solutions accessible and demystifying technical complexity for our users. Furthermore, in emergency situations, particularly in cybersecurity, we act first and negotiate later. This ensures that we always put our clients' interests first."

This approach to transparency and prioritizing rapid action has often surprised but has proven its value, establishing solid foundations for trust-based and long-term partnership relations with clients. 




avency's service array embodies a dedication to all-encompassing, advanced safeguarding measures. "We conduct meticulous IT security audits, offer specialized counsel, and implement strong systems to shield client infrastructures," states Hendrik Walter. The firm’s proficiency spans from network security, equipped with cutting-edge firewalls and intrusion prevention, to cloud security, managing identities and executing secure service edge (SSE) frameworks. Core services include DDI solutions (DHCP, DNS, IPAM) and DNS security protocols, emphasizing asset management and compliance adherence, alongside secure hosting and interface creation. Training initiatives are crucial, fortifying the human element against cyber threats. The company ensures teams are primed for imminent and evolving cyber risks. 

The Cybersecurity Framework crystallizes their methodology into distinct stages: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover, guaranteeing robust resilience against incidents. The self-reliant nature of this developer-founded company is pivotal, cultivating in-house innovation and expertise beyond mere product development. The leader concludes with a note on the company's independence and innovative drive: "The ability to 'walk by ourselves'—to innovate and create our solutions in-house—is vital. Born from a team of developers, we have the internal expertise to not only produce solutions that meet the market's current needs but also to forge the path forward with our know-how." 






As we look to a future where securing artificial intelligence is paramount, we warmly welcome our new member. Together, we stand at the forefront of excellence in cybersecurity, ready to embrace the challenges and innovations of the digital age with open arms and a shared commitment to safeguarding our interconnected world. Welcome, avency—here's to a journey of collaboration, excellence, and groundbreaking achievements.