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Top 100 2023: Largest IT firms in Romandie
Our top 20 position reflects excellence and synergy within the group.

In a world where technology evolves at breakneck speed, marking one's place becomes a real challenge. That's why the recent announcement of Sequotech's 18th position in the Top 100 IT companies in Romandie, according to the ranking by ICTjournal, represents much more than just a number for UDITIS. It is the confirmation of a collective commitment to excellence and innovation in a continuously evolving sector.

The CEO, Thierry Linder, expressed this achievement in these terms: " Our top 20 position reflects excellence and synergy within the group. With UDITIS and all Sequotech members' contributions, we're becoming a key player in Romandie's economy. Warm thanks to our teams for their essential role in this shared success.

Being part of the Sequotech group allows UDITIS to benefit from synergies and unique advantages while retaining its entrepreneurial freedom. This position in the ranking underscores the importance of the contribution of each of the 4 members and reinforces our determination to continue on this path of innovation and growth.

Being ranked 18th is not only the recognition of our work, it's also a reminder of our responsibility towards our clients, partners, and collaborators. It motivates us to continue exploring new technologies, to develop solutions that better meet the needs of the Romandie economic fabric as a trusted partner in digital transformation.


Thierry Linder