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The amazing journey of Marc Keller:
From OMIS to dbi services



Marc Keller, who has journeyed from OMIS to dbi services, serves as an Account Manager where he adeptly aligns customer needs with dbi's diverse solutions. Celebrating dbi's ongoing growth and Sequotech's business-expanding vision, he also encourages openness among newcomers. Beyond the corporate sphere, Keller finds solace in nature, collects art, and enjoys the thrill of unique sports like monocycling. His story entices curiosity, inviting further exploration into his multi-faceted journey.


Can you generally explain your role, your missions and choose 3 words that describe them?

I work at dbi services for more than one year and before that I have been with the company OMIS since 2000 before the acquisition of the company by dbi services.

My role is primarily in sales, as an account manager and sales representative for our product OMrun. I am not limited to a specific region and also have the freedom to explore different opportunities for other dbi offerings.

I would describe my role as a bridge-builder between people and their needs, as well as a solutions-seeker utilizing my knowledge to find the right solutions- and all that after all very much people-oriented.

What do you find most fulfilling about your work?

The aspect I find most fulfilling about my work is the interaction with people. I can work with a great number of professionals and learn a lot from them. When dbi services acquired OMIS, the quality of the interaction and the proximity in terms of values played a key role. This was an important factor to consider, as OMIS had a 20-year history.

The first meeting with the team in Delémont was challenging and led to good interactions. I very much appreciated that at dbi services, as at OMIS, the watchword was the same regarding business dynamics and customer relations: The commitment of both OMIS and dbi services is: «We say what we do and do what we say».

If you could offer advice to new hires at dbi services, or new companies coming alongside Sequotech, what would it be

For new recruits:

My advice to new hires is not to be shy and approach their colleagues with your questions. Building relationships and creating interactions is key. Colleagues are always there to support and help, so don't hesitate to ask questions, even if they seem silly.

For Sequotech companies:

For those who have already joined, I would say that dbi services is a fast-moving company, so don't hide and make yourself visible. Show how you can contribute and add value.

Of course, as a company owner or member of the C-Management, you may be afraid of losing a part of your independence. On the other hand, you must be willing to give up a little to receive a lot more in return in terms of support and «enterprise power» to benefit from a wide range of skills and expertise by joining an evolving group dynamic.



 For new hires:

"Build relationships by approaching colleagues, asking questions,
and embracing support for personal and professional growth.

For Sequotech companies: Be visible, contribute, and leverage
the group's expertise for enhanced success in an evolving dynamic."


What is your best meeting anecdote?

One memorable anecdote from my meetings at dbi services was the first meeting in Delémont. We had around 8 or 9 people in the meeting, and there were really challenging questions and high-level interaction. But in the course of the meeting it became clear that we had so many things in common and shared the same values that pairing up would only be logical and a promise for the future, because OMIS and our framework OMrun is a perfect match to the dbi services portfolio.

If you could switch roles with a colleague for a day, who would it be?

If given the opportunity, I would switch roles with Yann Neuhaus, who has – besides his role as CSO - a general, crossfunctional role, very business and growth oriented and opportunity driven. I was lucky enough to hold a similar position at OMIS and it would be intriguing to see how things are done at a larger scale.

Could you tell us few words about your passions?

Outside of work, I have a passion for nature and spending time in the woods. I enjoy cutting wood and being connected to nature. I also have a collection of artworks and enjoy playing tennis and engaging in acrobatic activities like monocycling.




If you could advice a book?

Markus Werner „Die kalte Schulter “. 2011, Fischer Taschenbuch, 7. Auflage.

"Die kalte Schulter" by Markus Werner is a captivating novel that explores the complex dynamics of human relationships. The story takes place in a small town where the main characters, with their secrets and repressed desires, intertwine in a web of betrayal and disillusionment. Through subtle, introspective writing, the author plunges the reader into an atmosphere that is both dark and fascinating. Themes of loneliness, loss and the search for meaning are skillfully explored, revealing the fragility of the human condition. "Die kalte Schulter" is a poignant tale that leaves a lasting impression.

For one year from now, you have had the opportunity to closely observe the evolution of dbi services. What impresses you the most about their developments?

What impresses me the most about the development of dbi services is the drive for constant improvement. Challenges are embraced, new technologies adapted. The leadership model by the C-Managers David, Yann, Hervé and Grégory and the push and pull dynamics within the company have played a significant role in its growth and progress.

If you had to choose a mentor, who would it be?

If I were to choose a mentor within dbi services, it would be Urs Kalchbrenner, the founder of OMIS. He is a genuinely good person and has remained true to himself throughout his career. As a student, he provided me with numerous opportunities and believed in my potential. His leadership style of sharing and caring has made a lasting impact on me.


What do you think about Sequotech?

Sequotech is a great «container» where dynamic and growing companies can flourish and profit from the huge network of experts and professionals. The latest acquisition of Exxo is another strong signal to the market that Sequotech will follow its growth strategy with emphasis.