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Elisa's journey: Woman Football & IT Network at UDITIS


Discover Elisa Vadala, Network Consultant at UDITIS, in an informative and engaging interview. Elisa shares her experiences in the IT world, her passion for football, and her admiration for inspiring personalities. She offers valuable advice to new recruits and expresses her thoughts with transparency and authenticity. This conversation sheds light on how Elisa combines professionalism and conviction while being anchored in UDITIS' values.


Can you generally explain your role, your missions and choose 3 words that describe them?

My role as a Network Consultant revolves around managing a portfolio of existing clients. My main tasks include equipment renewal, establishing contact with clients and identifying their needs, as well as transferring and configuring their hardware. I also handle hardware installation once it's ready and provide ongoing support, ensuring a customer-focused approach for continuous improvement.

If I were to choose three words to characterize my tasks, they would be:

  • Constant evolution: In the IT and networking field, technologies are constantly evolving. This requires continuous adaptation and updating of my knowledge and skills.

  • Knowledge acquisition: I'm in continuous training and constant learning to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. This is crucial to effectively meet our clients' needs.

  • Diversification: Although I'm not yet involved in network design, I aspire to broaden my skills in this area. Currently, I work on configuration and other technical aspects, adding enriching diversity to my role.


What do you like most about your job?

What I most enjoy about my work is the opportunity to learn every day. The dynamic aspect and constant evolution of the IT sector fascinate me and ensure that I'm never bored. This constant stimulation is truly enriching for me.

Additionally, I greatly appreciate the interaction with clients. The human and relational aspect of my work is very important to me. Interacting with clients, understanding their needs and challenges allows me not to feel confined to a purely technical or isolated role.

The contact with my colleagues and the group dynamics within our team is also something I value a lot. Interactions, exchanging ideas, and teamwork contribute to making my work environment both stimulating and pleasant.


If you had to give advice to new hires, what would it be?

My main advice to new recruits would be to stay true to themselves. It's essential not to fear making mistakes during the learning process. UDITIS strongly encourages taking initiative.

Moreover, it's important not to force oneself to be someone else. Each person brings their unique value to the team, and it's by being authentic that you can truly excel and contribute meaningfully.

What stands out most in your journey at UDITIS?

What particularly struck me at UDITIS was primarily the availability of people. I noticed a strong culture of mutual assistance that transcends all professional circles within the company. Colleagues are always ready to help, and answers are provided promptly, greatly facilitating collaboration and teamwork.

The inclusivity across different domains is also remarkable. At UDITIS, we're not confined to a single domain or professional circle, which is a big difference from my previous experience in the industrial sector, where everything was much more compartmentalized. This openness allows for greater flexibility and encourages continuous learning across various domains.

Lastly, exchange and sharing are deeply ingrained values in the UDITIS culture. These values are not just words but are reflected in everyone's actions and attitudes on a daily basis. They create a collaborative, open, and enriching work environment where sharing knowledge and experiences is encouraged and valued.


If you could put yourself in a colleague's shoes for a day, who would it be?

If I had the opportunity to step into a colleague's shoes for a day, I would without hesitation choose a member of the development team. Although development is not a field that particularly excites me, I have covered many aspects of this field during my training.

What would interest me most is witnessing the difference between the theory I learned in school and the actual practice in the business environment. Seeing how developers concretely apply their skills and knowledge in a professional setting, how they solve problems on a daily basis, and how they integrate theory into real projects would be an instructive experience for me.

If you had an Aladdin lamp, what wishes would you make?

If I had the chance to have Aladdin's lamp and make wishes, my first wish would be to travel the world. Exploring different countries and immersing myself in their cultures would be enriching. Each country has its own heritage, traditions, and unique perspectives, and exploring them would greatly enhance my understanding of the world.

Among destinations, the Dominican Republic would be at the top of my list, and I would also like to visit the Philippines. Their beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history make them dream destinations for me.


Could you tell us few words about your passions?

My greatest passion is football, a sport I have loved since my childhood. Despite my height, I have always played as a goalkeeper. I spent 10 years playing in the Women's Group of Vallée in Vicques, in the Jura. For me, football, like sports in general, is very beneficial. I particularly enjoy the collective aspect of this sport, and even though I can no longer play, I still take a lot of pleasure in watching the matches.

I am particularly a fan of women's football. I followed with interest the journey of the Swiss women's team in the last World Cup. I am impressed by the progress made in this field, but I regret the lack of professional structures and the absence of a clearly defined professional status for the players. It is distressing to see that some of these athletes, despite their high level, must have a job on the side to meet their needs.

Do you have a book to recommend?

I would highly recommend the book "The Enigma of Room 622" by Joël Dicker. This novel is an excellent read for those who love mysteries and well-crafted intrigues. The story plunges you into a captivating mystery where every detail matters, and the reader is constantly invited to piece together the puzzle to find the solution.


f you had to choose a mentor, who would it be?

If I had to choose a mentor, it would undoubtedly be Nelson Mandela or Lady Diana. These two historical figures are extremely inspiring to me because of their ability to stand up for their principles and values without ever being corrupted by societal influences.

Nelson Mandela, with his tireless fight for justice and equality, and Lady Diana, with her dedication to humanitarian causes and empathetic approach to people in need, represent models of perseverance and integrity. Their humility and commitment to following their own values while staying true to themselves are qualities that I deeply admire.



What do you think about Sequotech?

The approach of bringing different companies and ideas under one banner offers a unified and coherent vision, which is very positive.

I feel there is a real convergence between how we see things at UDITIS, and the approach adopted at the Sequotech level, creating a conducive ground for collaboration and innovation.

Also, being able to observe things from the beginning and follow their evolution is a rather fascinating aspect. It allows understanding the development process and appreciating the progress made.