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David Diab,Senior Consultant:
Cross-Cultural insights at dbi services


Meeting David Diab, Senior Consultant at dbi services, whose journey from Lebanon at the age of 21 paved the way for a remarkable professional and personal trajectory. This exchange provides insights into the acquired open-mindedness, enriched by a passion for literature and personal writings. From professional authenticity to the impact of a mentor, David shares experiences and reflections, blending wisdom with personal perspectives. A journey that inspires and stimulates at the crossroads of life experiences.


Can you generally explain your role, your missions and choose 3 words that describe them?

Simply put, I am a Senior Consultant at dbi services, within the EAI Team (ECM and Application Integration). My role is diverse and dynamic, which makes it particularly interesting. I especially appreciate the multi-expertise and versatility it demands, allowing continuous learning and juggling between different technologies. This offers the opportunity to rapidly enhance skills. From the company's perspective, versatility brings flexibility and agility. Currently, my main mission involves working with a pharmaceutical company, where I'm involved in maintaining a large infrastructure and transitioning it towards DevOps. Although my primary role revolves around Middleware, I also engage in DevOps. Lastly, among these multiple responsibilities, I've also dedicated myself to Control-M for a significant client, a task involving the management and supervision of automated processes in their IT environment. Three fundamental values emerge through my work:

  • Rigor: Inspired by my Lebanese culture, I aspire to excellence, understanding that perfection is an unattainable ideal. This approach drives continual improvement and becoming a better version of oneself. It relies on a balance between motivation and discipline while acknowledging that errors are human, learning to correct and adapt.

  • Thirst for learning: This value extends beyond new technologies, encompassing daily life. It rests on the awareness that there's always something new to learn. In a constantly evolving world, not progressing equals being left behind. Even while sleeping, the world moves, and staying up to date is crucial.

  • Initiative: I firmly believe everyone has something to offer, and every idea, even those initially seeming poor, deserves consideration as they invariably prompt constructive thinking. The metaphor of bricks illustrates this well: each idea is a brick contributing to the edifice of our thoughts and work. Being proactive encourages the clash of ideas for continuous improvement.

What do you like most about your job?

If I were to choose a lighthearted aspect, I'd undoubtedly say the moments spent playing foosball with my colleagues. (laughs) These moments of relaxation and laughter are precious, contributing to a pleasant and friendly work atmosphere. More seriously, I appreciate the opportunity for continuous learning and, especially, the ability to apply this new knowledge daily. Additionally, I'm naturally sociable and love moments of exchange and sharing with colleagues and clients. The opportunity to discuss, exchange ideas, and collaborate on various projects is something I particularly cherish.

If you had to give advice to new hires, what would it be?

Be bold, honest, and authentic. These qualities will help you flourish in your new position and contribute positively to our team. Don't be afraid to aim high and demonstrate professional ambition. Boldness is a key element for development. I also believe it's essential to be transparent about our skills and shortcomings and not fear discussing what you don't yet know. These are learning opportunities that help grow your role. Lastly, being authentic is crucial. The courage to stay true to yourself is fundamental for successful integration and your personal well-being. Authenticity fosters more sincere and productive working relationships.


What has been most impactful in your journey so far?

Reflecting on what has most impacted me during my six years here is like flipping through a book rich in diverse experiences! (laughs) But if I have to choose, I'd say it's been my beginnings that have impacted me the most. To start, I set very high goals upon my arrival. I had maximum expectations of myself, which made my first steps both challenging and incredibly formative.

Additionally, I can't speak of my beginnings without mentioning Gérard Wisson. Those who know him know he's extremely demanding, which greatly influenced me. His days began early, as early as 7 o'clock in the morning on the train, and he immediately immersed himself in work. He was so devoted that he would sometimes wake up at night to jot down ideas on post-it notes. (laughs)

For him, this intense commitment seemed natural. Working with someone so passionate and rigorous truly marked me. It taught me the importance of dedication and discipline in work. These early lessons were a key driver in my professional development and continue to inspire me in my daily work.


If you could put yourself in a colleague's shoes for a day, who would it be?

With a natural curiosity, many people come to mind. (laughs). However, focusing on one choice, Pierre-Yves Bréhier, the Head of Sales, stands out. The reason for this choice lies in the interest in the business world, a value cherished in Lebanese culture. It would be enriching to understand Pierre-Yves's approach, especially in how he manages his daily life in sales, a domain quite different from the usual. It would be an opportunity to appreciate how challenges are tackled in sales and see things from a different perspective.

An outside viewpoint can offer new insights, and there's always something important to learn from others' methods. A particularly interesting aspect is how Pierre-Yves creates business opportunities by establishing meaningful connections. This goes beyond mere transactions to touch the human and relational aspect of commerce, a crucial element for success in this field. It would be a valuable experience to understand different strategies and see how they could enrich the team's collective approach. Such an exchange of perspectives could prove highly beneficial.

If you had an Aladdin lamp, what wishes would you make?

It's a question that delves into seemingly deeper subjects. Moreover, we recently watched 'Aladdin' as a family. If I had three wishes to make, they would be as follows:

  • Promote human unity and diversity: My first wish would be for humanity to focus more on what unites us rather than our differences. Often, we concentrate on what separates us, leading to conflicts and wars. By valuing our similarities while respecting our differences—be they cultural, religious, or otherwise—we could create a more peaceful and unified world.

  • Respect for all forms of life on Earth: The second wish concerns humanity's awareness of not being alone on this planet. I would like people to recognize and respect all forms of life—plants, insects, animals. This awareness could lead us to more harmonious and respectful ways of living, similar to those of our ancestors, such as the Neanderthals, whose lifestyle, in my opinion, was more in harmony with nature.

  • A peaceful and stimulating future for children: Finally, my third wish would be for my children and all future generations. I hope they can live in an environment that is both peaceful and stimulating, where they can find a healthy balance. I am concerned that our children might not experience the same quality of life as us, even in 20 years. It is essential to preserve and improve our world to ensure their future well-being.

Could you tell us few words about your passions?

Over the years, my passions have evolved. Previously, I was highly invested in physical and outdoor activities. I loved climbing, particularly practicing Via Ferrata, which combines hiking and climbing along routes equipped with steel cables. I also rode horses for many years, an experience that brought me a lot of joy and a connection with nature.

However, my current passions are quite different. One of them is beekeeping. I'm deeply involved in bee conservation, a subject close to my heart. I regularly give lectures in schools to raise awareness among children about the importance of bees, both for the environment and our own survival. These presentations also cover safety aspects and the importance of preserving these precious pollinators.

Finally, my greatest current passion is my children, who are respectively two and four years old. They demand a lot of time and energy, which means the aforementioned earlier passions are currently on hold. Being a father is a full-time commitment, but it's also a source of continuous happiness and learning.

If you had to choose a mentor, who would it be?

The choice of my mentor is very personal and deeply rooted in my roots and life philosophy. It's not a celebrity or a well-known public figure but someone who has had a tremendous impact on my life and values: my grandfather. He was a central figure in my childhood and development. Not only was he the mayor of our village in Lebanon, but his life journey is an inspiring source that naturally commands respect.

He lost his parents at a very young age but rose above these trials to become the village sage. He had this remarkable ability to resolve conflicts, to find the right words at the right time, and possessed deep inner peace and spirituality, rare and precious qualities. I spent more time with my grandfather than with my parents, and this greatly influenced the person I am today. He was both a simple and forward-thinking man.

For example, he refused to use insecticides 30 years ago, showing his long-term vision and respect for the environment. This approach has always been like a motto for him. My wish is to continue his legacy in terms of values and vision. The learning I received from him is a constant guide in my life, and I hope to embody and transmit his teachings through my daily actions and decisions.


Do you have a book to recommend?

I would highly recommend 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance in pursuing their dreams. This book is a masterpiece in understanding and interpreting the signs of fate. It beautifully narrates the story of Santiago, a young shepherd, who embarks on a journey to realize his personal legend. Throughout his quest, he encounters various challenges and meets mentors who guide him to listen to his heart and understand the language of the world.



What do you think about Sequotech?

Sequotech is, in my opinion, an interesting project. The initiative to combine the skills of different companies toward a common goal is judicious. This allows for optimal exploitation of each partner's strengths. However, it's important to ensure that, in this collaborative process, each company retains its own identity and culture. Balancing collective synergy and maintaining the individuality of each actor is essential for the success of such projects. The goal is to collaborate without companies losing their individual essence.