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Feedback on Data Community Conference 2023

On November 14 in Bern, the Data Community Conference 2023, organized by Sequotech, marked a key event in the world of data. Focusing on data platforms and infrastructures, the one-day event brought together some one hundred professionals for a dynamic and constructive exchange on the latest trends and innovations in the sector. This annual event proved to be a crossroads of ideas and expertise, underlining the growing importance of data in today's technological landscape.


The event featured 12 sessions and 2 keynotes, covering diverse topics such as AI and machine learning, DevOps, database management, cloud computing and IT security. These presentations highlighted current challenges and emerging trends in data, offering up-to-date perspectives on technologies and best practices.


Among the many speakers, special mention went to our Software Engineer Christophe Bolinhas (UDITIS SA) for his presentation on automating infrastructure and code deployment in Microsoft Azure. Entitled "From Zero to Hero", it provided a detailed overview of the steps needed to automate a manual development process, with a particular focus on PaaS infrastructures in Microsoft Azure. Her practical approach and tips were particularly appreciated by the audience.


Our thanks to our sponsors Sophos, Dbvisit, and Suse for their strong support. Special thanks to Sophos for their dual role as sponsor and moderator of an informative session entitled "The road from XDR to a managed SOC". This session provided useful insights into threat management and incident response, enriching the conference content.