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Exxo & ANYbotics

ANYbotics is a leading company specializing in the development of state-of-the-art robots and products in the field of robotics since its founding in 2016 at ETH Zurich.

With Robert MacKenzie, ANYbotics' CTO Solutions, the company has undergone impressive growth, now employing over 150 staff, up from the initial 60. MacKenzie emphasizes, "Our growth led us to a point where we sought a partner who not only possessed technical expertise but also sought a genuine partnership." In light of this, ANYbotics opted for a partnership with Exxo, a Zurich-based cloud provider and IT service provider, part of the Sequotech Group.



Rising Demand for a High-Performance IT Landscape

As ANYbotics experienced continuous growth, the need for an optimized IT infrastructure also increased. Particularly, the robustness of IT systems was crucial as they form the basis for developing and implementing AI algorithms in robots and products. Faced with this challenge, ANYbotics aimed to enhance its IT landscape and consider security aspects to keep pace with the company's rapid growth. "As a company that relies on modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence in its robots and products, finding a partner who understands and can meet these requirements was essential," says Robert MacKenzie.


Analysis and Support for IT Infrastructure

To address this challenge, ANYbotics chose to partner with Exxo, a renowned provider of IT services. Exxo stood out for its professional approach and deep understanding of complex IT requirements. Together with Exxo, ANYbotics conducted an analysis of its existing IT infrastructure and developed solutions to ensure high performance and stringent security standards. The collaboration with Exxo was based on a flexible subscription model, offering transparent pricing structures and long-term planning security.

Value Added:
Focus on Core Business and Ensuring Performance and Security of IT Systems

Through the partnership with Exxo, ANYbotics significantly improved its IT landscape, laying a solid foundation for future growth. The professional support from Exxo allowed ANYbotics to fully concentrate on its core business while ensuring the performance and security of its IT systems. This successful collaboration has contributed to ANYbotics further strengthening its position as a leading company in the robotics industry and laying the groundwork for future innovations.